The video platforms presently on the market are designed for large publishers that must have expert personnel who know how to prepare and publish the videos.

The MBO customer delegates this task to us and only needs to focus on the content

The pricing plans of most video platforms currently on the market are designed for companies with a high number of viewers.

At MBO we offer competitive prices that take into account the number of companies that do not yet have millions of viewers. We also serve the needs of major publishers by providing the technological support of Kaltura.

The majority of video platforms currently available provide their customers closed proprietary solutions.

MBO has chosen to work using Kaltura, the leading opensource video platform, for three key reasons:
1) Because the people at Kaltura are friendly and a delight to work with.
2) Because an opensource platform allows us to create new solutions adapted to the needs of each of our customers.
3) Because with Kaltura we guarantee that our customers will always have available the latest publication technologies for any system and with the best quality.

In order to have a white label, the customers of the majority of video platforms have to sign up for price plans that are greater than their initial needs.

As experts in the needs of corporate communication, from the basic price onwards MBO enables customers to promote their brand by incorporating their logo on the videoplayer’s control bar.

MBO doesn’t have robots (for the moment).

MBO includes a producer in all customer accounts. The producer is the “person” who is expert in the clients needs and whose mission is to provide consultation and supervise the orders so that the commissioned requirements are met.

Online Audiovisual Production

Small- and medium-sized companies with Internet presence have a need to publish their product videos and services but that the production cost is too high for them to absorb.
The democratization of HD filming systems, the easy-to-use video and sound editing systems, and the audiovisual expertise that we all have as consumers enable these businesses to make their own videos in-house. These videos are oftentimes sufficient to explain the virtues of the company’s offers. However, these videos often lack the professional touch that differentiates a home video from a professional video.

MBO proposes an intermediate solution: the COMBO system.

With the COMBO system, MBO puts its long experience to work by providing the small- and medium-sized company the way to present themselves to the world with a professional quality level, both in terms of effective communication and in technical characteristics.

The ways in which our services can be carried out are quite varied. From the “You film it and we’ll edit it” to...

    You know what to say but you don’t know how, so we’ll write the script for you.

    You’ve already made the piece and we’ll make the motion graphics for you.

    We’ll dub your existing video into Mandarin Chinese.

    Send us your ideas and your images and we’ll make your ad for you.

The combinations are infinite. The great advantage is the cost. The in situ filming expenses of any professional production represent about 50% of the budget.

The MBO customer benefits from two exclusive services:

    His or her “own” personal producer and customer area.

Depending on the specific needs, MBO assigns the customer an expert producer (in corporate communication, advertising, education, music, graphic design…) who advises and guides the entire order and production process.
From the MBO Customer Area, both customer and producer can have an on-going dialog, discussing: how the images should be filmed, uploading files, exchanging scripts, draft views… This way, the customer can follow the evolution of the production and request any changes needed until fully satisfied with the result.

Communication Tools
Communication Tools is a toolbox where a customer can find any tool that will help them better achieve their communication goals.

We have started with proposals for redesigning presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi…), websites, creating dynamic PDFs, redesigning logos…

Very soon we will be entering the e–learning field with courses on public speaking, coaching, etc.