Media Corp International is a leading B2B event company that prides itself on delivering the very best of breed events across a number of key verticals.

We understand the challenges businesses face in this volatile and uncertain market, so we look to help take the pressure off your existing sales and marketing teams by building a complete 360 degree package tailored to your organizations strategies and goals.

We help clients get face to face with senior decision makers from these verticals that they can’t often meet allowing your team to get in front of more strategic accounts, prove the value in their specific offerings, shorten sales cycles and increase revenues.

We assist companies in doing this by offering the following services:

Business Leader Summits:  

Targeted for business leaders, these large scale gatherings bring buyers and sellers together for 3 days to allow open discussion in a formal and informal setting. These discussions take place through scheduled one to one business meetings, roundtables, workshops, think tanks, keynote’s and panel discussions making it the perfect setting for both parties to carry out business and understand one another’s challenges.  

Business Leader Conferences:

Vertical specific gatherings where leading organizations and executives learn, listen, interact and exchange ideas through a series of roundtables, keynotes, workshops and presentations put together by our expert advisory committee. These gatherings run for 2 days and allow attendees to understand some major challenges facing the industry, latest trends and new regulations while also being educated around some of the latest technologies and services on offer within the market.

Business Leader Roundtables:

Designed for your organization to get straight to the source, these smaller gatherings run for 2-3 hours over breakfast, lunch or dinner. We invite your specific buyer to these gatherings for your organization to host a targeted session around a compelling topic of interest. As the owner and moderator of these gatherings they offer you peace of mind by being the sole supplier in a room with your targeted audience.