Mediahouse is a digital agency specializing in web design, hosting and social media.Our hosting offers advanced scripting support (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and PERL) to run online systems such as Content management systems, Wikis, Discussion forums, Portals, Shopping carts, blogs etc.
Websites are our business and we better than anyone understand your website and hosting needs.
Our servcices include:
Website design, copywriting and development
Web Hosting
iPhone, iPad and Android App development
Custom Computers
IT Support
Company Intranet Development
Social Media Management
Mediahouse is a niche company with focus on client service. While the "big guns" in the industry try to get as many customers as possible on their network to satisfy their shareholders, we try to keep our customer base as small as possible. We don't have to employ technicians that neither know nor care about how to build a profitable business on the internet.
Just think for a moment: what kind of service can an ISP profitably provide you with if they charge you R 20.00 per month for web hosting?  And what if they have 10 000 customers?  How important do you think your business is to them?
We're definitely not the cheapest, and we pride ourselves in that, quality comes at a price, and that's what you get with Mediahouse.