Consulting & Media Projects for Creatives, Forward Thinkers, and Social Champions

MediaKrush is a bespoke digital agency that nurtures creative online projects and social marketing campaigns from concept to completion. We’re proud to serve an eclectic mix of clients that contribute the most value to society. As we like to say – MediaKrush does good stuff for people who do good stuff.

Yeah, we’re talking about and working with people like you… the artists, activists, educators, creative entrepreneurs, and social champions. The world needs you!

  -  Artists, designers, and other creatives
  -  Activists, educators, holistic practitioners
  -  Green businesses, non-profits, and social champions

We specialize in innovative social engagement strategies that generate word-of-mouth buzz and increased participation for your creative projects and events. Whether you’re pursuing a creative passion or pushing for social change, from fresh upstarts to eco-projects – we’d love to discuss your vision and how we can give it wings. Feel free to call us at 702.374.3953 or drop us a line by email to contact[at]mediakrush[dot]com