Family Care was started with just a few simple goals.  We wanted to provide excellent service, keep our price affordable, and have fair terms and policies.   We have achieved these goals.   Because of this we are quickly becoming one of the most trusted choices for high quality medical alarm service.

Our entire management team has worked for years in the medical alarm industry.  Combined they have over 40 years of experience at every level.   Everyday we add to that experience because we continue to attract people in the industry who want to work for us.  They love what we do and how we do it.

In 2011 Eric O’Connor joined Family Care as President and CEO.  Eric has 15 years experience in the medical alarm industry, serving as president for one of the nation’s largest and most successful medical alarm companies for 10 years. In his previous position Eric grew a small regional medical alarm company from 7 employees to one of the largest in the nation.   The founders of Family Care believed that Eric’s success and experience were unmatched in the medical alarm industry and that he was a perfect fit for the goals and vision of the company.

Eric is a unique leader and manager who truly values employees .  He has consistently been recognized for his commitment to both customers and employees.   He believes that great employees make a company great and when employees love their work the customer wins.   You will often find Eric working side by side with his staff, whether it is packing and shipping boxes or answering phones in our customer service department.   He regularly works in every area of the business and in doing so has created an incredible atmosphere within the company.