Since 1995 the principals of MedicalGPS, LLC have been supporting physicians, administrators, and other healthcare professionals as they strive to better serve and care for their patients while improving patient satisfaction. Founded by Marty Hudson and Jerry Stone, MedicalGPS' approach is simple, yet powerful - to empower healthcare organizations to successfully embrace three guiding principles:
Align Patient Experience with Patient Expectations
Understand Key Touch Points of the Patient Experience that Foster Patient Loyalty
Partner with Patients - Enlisting the Support of Advocate-Loyal Patients
When it comes to aiding physician practices, MedicalGPS starts by helping our clients understand what their patients truly think about the patient experience. Second, we enable our clients to develop targeted areas for service improvement. Next, we provide practice leadership with real-time patient feedback and teach clients how to use that feedback to meet or exceed patient expectations. Finally, we equip physician practices with resources needed to allow the patient-provider relationship to flourish so both the patient and the provider benefit.

MedicalGPS has a history of offering powerful, innovative solutions that and much more that get real results for our clients. Discover how far beyond improving patient satisfaction we go. We invite you to explore our product offerings; M3-Patient Experience®, M3-Advocate™, and CG-CAHPS®.

By utilizing the extensive experience of our personnel to implement consumer-focused, practical solutions, tailored to the unique needs of every client, MedicalGPS provides actionable, near real-time information to the fingertips of Healthcare Providers, Administrators and Staff, equipping them to make better-informed decisions about day-to-day operations. We understand the challenges our clients face daily and offer hands on experience, working side-by-side with support staff, physicians, and administration; sharing our own healthcare operations experience. MedicalGPS' focus is on providing services to all healthcare verticals, including but not limited to; physician practice operations, ambulatory surgery centers, hospital in-patient care, emergency departments, hospice care, hemodialysis facilities, diagnostic centers, ancillary services, telemedicine, and wellness programs.

M3 Patient Experience continuously monitors, measures, and assists front-line leadership with maximizing patient retention and patient loyalty.
M3's service-recovery functionality equips front-line managers with timely, actionable patient feedback, allowing them to create and sustain a culture of service excellence .

Physicians, front-line support staff and other decision makers receive comprehensive reporting , on-line, identifying outstanding performance and service improvement opportunities .

Real-time notifications to leadership
On-demand reporting 24/7
"FLASH" Reports and Dashboards
Benchmarks to national comparative database
Actionable information to effect positive change