Medical tourism as a branch of health tourism represents a rapidly growing industry that has led to the creation of an environment in which patients travel across national borders to receive medical services. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) in particular Health tourism is defined as: the use of services that improve or enhance a person's health and morale (using mineral water, weather or medical interventions) and in a place outside the person's place of residence for more than 24 hours. It leads to length.
These services can include elective therapies, essential and specialized treatments, major and minor surgeries, and dental care, and even routine health checkups. Patients' travel motivations for treatment vary, with American tourists seeking medical care for a quarter or even a tenth of the cost in their home country. Canadian and British patients travel to receive services due to long waiting lists. Some patients do not have access to some of the services in their home country. Among these, countries are successful in attracting this capital, which in addition to having factors such as low prices of services, skilled and experienced physicians and suitable tourism facilities with world standard qualities in providing their services. Now, despite the global standards that are implemented in different parts of the world, people are looking for the highest quality treatments at low and competitive prices. Due to its advantages in medical tourism, such as low costs of services, appropriate equipment and specialized and professional physicians, and having many natural attractions, including hot springs with therapeutic capabilities, Iran seeks to take advantage of existing opportunities in health services.
Health tourism includes various sub-categories such as curative tourism, medical tourism, including recovery care, conventional therapies, medical treatments, surgical-clinical, diagnostic, hospital-surgical, traditional medicine, Acupuncture is energy therapy - yoga, meditation and medical prevention in tourism (Preventive Medical Tourism).
In fact, health tourism is a type of travel that, in addition to entertainment, leisure and comfort, also accompanies health and medical care.
The collection of medical angels of the capital with special facilities has presented a new method in providing medical tourist services in the world:
1- Free counseling and treatment services before leaving for Iran
2- Tourism services with special discounts to create recreational feedback along with medical affairs
3- Providing telemedicine services in the form of video, audio and text visits for all medical specialties and medical subgroups
4- Providing services and privileges for using digital files for free for all tourists and clients
5- Providing medical cards to receive special treatment programs and periodic check-ups at a discount
6- Creating virtual albums from your trip to Iran
7- Support in the form of free medical visits after leaving Iran in your country of origin
8- Presenting complementary medicine with emphasis on traditional oriental medicine
9- Preparing all pharmaceutical items and medical equipment for you and sending to the country of residence for special members in all parts of the world
source: www.tourismangels24.com