You must look for exclusive and fresh leads. Any company that sells recycled or used leads must not be dealt with. See if the leads are regularly updated and pre-screened. The leads must be provided in the form of pre-set appointments. These companies, actually, gather all the essential information on prospective leads and sell them to agents like you. At times the leads also approach these companies and all their information is stored with the company.

Since you shall have the exclusive ownership of all these leads, it will be easier for you to approach them as per your wish. There will be no other agents like you who will be approaching them. This cuts out the excessive competition and puts you in a better position as far as your business is concerned.

Look for a company that provides you with the choice of territory you will be working on. This will be extremely beneficial as you will obviously choose and area that you are familiar with and it will be easier for you to work on the leads present in those areas. It is also very important for you to ensure a very good customer support system.

Some other factors that you can look for is; the leads must be delivered individually to the agents purchasing them; and that too in MS Excel format. This must be done immediately upon the conformation of the order. The information on the leads should include their full name including the address, telephone numbers and income standards. When you have ensured all these factors, you can go ahead with the services. GoTelemarketing.com is on your site.