About Medichat.MD!        
Tuesday, 11:31 AM, November 30, 2010  

Medichat.MD is a medical-related, personalized, social network that allows users to gain medical knowledge in addition to support via interaction with other members. It offers users the ability to video-chat, creating a genuine connection between members as opposed to social networks that rely strictly on online messaging, blogs, and forums.  The real-time audio-visual chat room feature sets Medichat.MD apart from every social network in existence.  The site establishes a legitimacy and personal connection between users that has not yet been accomplished by other social networking entities.

Medichat.MD is an innovative site that offers users a plethora of factual information, along with advice and support that they can receive by interacting with other users through chat rooms, forums, and real-time state of the art video streaming.  The site provides users with informational databases on doctors, nursing homes, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies.  Additionally, the website allows users to access medical related news, online conferences, and will continually update members on doctors that fit their criteria, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Company Overview
Medichat.MD is a unique social networking entity that syncs informational and experiential content with the social networking capabilities of web 2.0.  The company‚Äôs primary goal is to provide support to people who are suffering from ailments and diseases, allowing them to communicate, connect, and interact with others who can empathize with their experience.  Medichat.MD also supplies a direct interface between doctors and patients, thereby allowing information and medical expertise to be accessible to patients at all times from anywhere around the world.

Company Leadership
Medichat.MD functions under the direction of its creator and CEO, Michael T. Goldstein.  With the explosion of web 2.0, it is clear that the medical world has struggled to find how it can break out without violating HIPPA and other privacy laws.  Medichat.MD is the solution to these concerns.  It offers support and information, without requiring patients to violate their personal privacy.  The support of someone who understands is the most important part of what Medichat.MD offers as a social networking tool for the medical community.