Medics On The Ball is the leader in affordable First Aid Services. We are a locally owned and operated company providing EMS professionals to staff your event anywhere in Southern California. All of our EMS professionals work in the field as Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians or Emergency Room Staff at local hospitals.

Medics On The Ball is fully insured and our Medics are fully covered by our liability insurance.  Our medics are licensed EMT’s/Paramedics with current CPR cards, background checks and frequent continued education.  We have both EMT’s and Paramedics on staff – and there is no difference in cost for BLS standby services.  All our medics are professionals that show up in uniform, clean shaven, with no visible tattoos or piercings.

Medics On The Ball provides all equipment present on an ambulance at your event – including but not limited to oxygen, airway management supplies, first aid, spinal immobilization equipment, ice packs, heat packs, etc.  At no time will you or your organization, or any teams be billed for medical attention/care.  Our rates are flat fees and cover any BLS care that we provide while on site.

Contact us now to book an EMT or two for your event.