Meditech Technologies India Private Limited shapes the future of vaccine storage with Breakthrough Anti-Freeze technology in African Countries by Solar Powered Refrigerator
Technology patented by Dr Sven Kwolek Arrhenius and Dr Vipul Bumb
Expands the medical refrigerator portfolio with 10 introductions.
Targets USD 20 Million revenue from medical refrigerator portfolio by 2020.
Plans to set up capacity for 30,000 units over the next 2 years.    

Nashik, 21st November 2016: Meditech Technologies India Private Limited, one of the leading players in the Blood Bank Equipments, Stability Chamber , Plant Growth Chambers and Solar Powered Refrigerators, in partnership with Dr Sven Kwolek Arrhenius and Dr Vipul Bumb, launched solar powered refrigerators 3 years ago. These specialized refrigerators are designed especially to address the key need of providing precise cooling solutions for vaccines, blood and Food Storage despite long power outages - common in upcountry remote areas in developing and underdeveloped countries specially African Countries. With holdover time of more than 15 days and just 2 hours of power requirement per day, the range is designed to handle extreme tropical conditions.

Taking this endeavour further, Meditech Technologies India Private Limited has expanded and strengthened its solar powered refrigerator portfolio further by launching a range of 10 new models. Keeping in mind the needs of urban and peri-urban areas where power outages are infrequent, the new series is designed with a holdover period of 3-5 days which gives sufficient time to service and fix the product in case of any downtime. The new series has been designed to offer 50% reduction in costs. In light of the limited budgets common to developing economies, this optimized series is expected to boost adoption of the superior Anti-Freeze Technology offered by Meditech Solar powered Refrigerators and solar walk in cooler.

With the intent to further facilitate the government in its efforts towards 95% immunisation coverage - the mission adopted by Government for its Indradhanush program, Meditech Technologies India Private Limited has also developed an innovative standalone Solar Ice Lined Refrigerator and Solar Blood Bank refrigerator for remote health centres. Currently, for every ILR, the health center has to install a deep freezer, which calls for multiple machines to be serviced and maintained and downtime on any one affects the outreach programs significantly. Meditech combo Refrigerator freezer solution can also run on solar power - completely independently, and one such equipment can cater to 6 outreach programs in a week. This will give the government immense flexibility to set up more remote health facilities and boost actual immunisation coverage while its precision temperature control between 2-8°C will ensure maximum utilisation of vaccines.

Meditech Technologies India Pvt Ltd has also identified blood storage as a space that needs technological innovation, as blood storage also requires maintenance of optimum temperature range of 2-6°C. Below 2°C, the blood haemolyses and transfusing heamolysed blood can cause renal failure and fatal bleeding problems and above 6°C blood is at the risk of bacterial contamination. Using the Anti-Freeze technology, Meditech has developed innovative solutions for blood storage and will be focusing on making it available to hospitals and blood banks.