The meeting point for healthcare professionals to buy, sell, recruit and network.

MedLanding is a tool for healthcare business professionals who want to achieve higher levels of success by saving money and time and by connecting with other healthcare minds. MedLanding offers networking opportunities through consultation, job searches, supply and distribution offerings, selling of pre-owned medical and office equipment, and best practice sharing in public and private forums.

The leadership team understands, and knows first hand, how to support and provide opportunities for healthcare business professionals. The site provides a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare business needs.

Some services in further detail:

Marketplace: The exclusive healthcare marketplace to sell or shop for the best deals on pre-owned equipment and medical supplies. Sellers will find flexible and cost-effective options for listing products for sale. Buyers will find it simple to search, save, or create want ads and will be notified when the products become available. We can even work directly with you to help find something specific.

Job Board: As a natural course of business, healthcare professionals are consistently posting jobs, exploring their next career goal and looking for professionals who are specialized in key areas outside the scope of the leadership team. We’ll save you money and help you find the candidates you seek, land your next career move and connect with the right professionals to assist with achieving your goals.

Valued Partnerships: MedLanding offers free expert analysis for all of our services including medical supply distribution, pain/wound care equipment, professional billing/reimbursement services, 3rd party litigation & personal injury, and office supply injury.

Visit our site www.medlanding.com to learn more ways on how you can save in your medical practice!