MedtalkCompanion™ is software, hosted on a smart phone, allowing telemedicine capability for patients to send vital sign data to his/her doctor.  Features: voice dialogue; screen icons & screen prompts; automatic connectivity to measurement devices; and cellular communications. Uses pattern learning, voice recognition and synthesis, coaching; and intelligent processing, to make user interaction and sensor set-up like talking to a companion.

Technology,  regulatory and legal issues are being addressed to facilitate wide-scale adoption and implementation.  The common barrier to use by elderly and sick patients continues to be difficulty of use. Most over 65 do not own or use a smart phone, because of the mystique and perceived complexities. This is a hurdle the Medtalk team can help to overcome.

An alternate use of MedtalkCompanion™ is for non-critical applications. Walgreens and other large drug store chains now offer patient support for medication adherence, routine screening, and some in-store nurse consultations. They will soon move into clinical support for chronic conditions, offering digital sensors and smart phone apps so when the patient arrives for an appointment, their data has been pre-screened for consultation.