MedtoMarket is not Your Ordinary Medical Consulting Firm.

MedtoMarket was created to solve a major problem in the medical marketplace: a lack of connectivity between industry, investors, and inventors with the actual end users in the top medical specialties. Our solution is the creation of an elite medical consulting community that will bridge the gap and seamlessly integrate the business of medicine.

Our specialty teams are led by medical professionals who understand more than just medicine. They understand solid business concepts exemplified by their rich experiences in the business field.

MedtoMarket leverages our elite medical community’s consulting expertise, turning it into a valuable and unbiased “voice of customer” information source that industry innovators strive to obtain. Our members provide a full spectrum of consulting services, including detailed product analysis, ongoing project development, regulatory guidance advice, and market insight.

THE POWER of industry.

When medical industry suppliers develop products, concepts, or software through their proprietary “Research and Development” programs, they rely on what is very often suboptimal analysis. Furthermore, governmental regulators have begun to look closely at highly paid consultants and their relationships with these corporations. MedtoMarket provides industry unbiased and detailed feeback while also providing a buffer between the end user and the corporate entity.

THE BACKING of investment communities.

At MedtoMarket our philosophy of providing unbiased validation of ideas, methods, products, or concepts will increase return on investment. MedtoMarket will handle the clinical aspects of a potential medical investment while allowing the investor to focus on the financial and managerial elements.

THE FORESIGHT of inventors.

MedtoMarket provides a fostering environment to help inventors bring ideas to market. MedtoMarket provides the guidance, funding, and strategic management necessary to take ideas from concept to production and beyond.

MedtoMarket offers fully customizable “turn-key” Bioskills lab services with exceptional service. A Medtomarket practicing physician partner will be involved in the Bioskills lab process from beginning to end. We ensure that everything is properly planned and executed flawlessly the day of your lab.

Loxley Browne, SVP Communications