Every year millions of people travel across the state, the country or the world to access healthcare. We do these for the simple reasons that we are seeking quality healthcare that is either less expensive than we can find at home, available without the wait of our own healthcare system, or not available where we live. Medical tourism is no longer just about cheaper procedures and holiday trips. It is about access the highest quality of doctors and technology. It is also about a world population that is aging at rates that surpass the availability of quality healthcare resources. It is about the out-of-pocket medical costs of critical and elective procedures that continue to rise.

To patients facing an inability to access care at home, due to long waits, exorbitant costs or lack of treatment options, the choice is either to suffer or pursue cross-border healthcare. MedTourGlobal, the leader in connecting patients with care, serves these patients by providing them with:

Access to high-quality, independent and trusted news and information about medical treatments and therapies

Customized newsletters, content and searches based on patient specifications

Access to an unparalleled database of providers, therapies and treatments available globally