MedWOW is an innovative international marketplace for used medical equipment, parts & accessories. Creating a sophisticated online trading environment, MedWOW brings together buyers, sellers and service providers
in the pre-owned medical equipment market.

With European headquarters located in Nicosia, Cyprus, and main offices in key locations around the world, MedWOW has created a new e-Commerce community. Members of this community, medical device professionals and specialists, can now grow and interact easily and efficiently.

MedWOW is the gateway for medical professionals and experts into a world of specialized tools. A vast array of functional and informative on-line tools is aimed at satisfying all needs of doing business in the pre-owned medical devices market.
We are committed to supplying high quality professional information, a reliable trading process, the highest value for your money and many other related services.

MedWOW promotes global trading of medical equipment and opens new markets for buyers, sellers and service providers. By bridging over complex barriers - such as diverse languages, geographical locations, time zones and business traditions - MedWOW brings the whole world together.