If you are anything like me, you have searched for baby clothes that would in some way represent your own style. (Or your friend's style...which was the case with me when trying to shop for baby shower gifts.)  Alas, you eventually resign yourself to getting your friend a gift card to wherever they are registered...or you just buy yourself a new shirt. Well, I hear ya, and I am as frustrated as you.

Out of that shopping frustration, Meenie and Moe was born. If you want onesies that you can simply throw on your baby to give them instant credibility at any indie rock show...you have come to the right place. But these onesies can be so much more than just an easy thing to throw on your baby, they can be used as part of a whole look. Check out the photo gallery link for styling ideas. Then you can go to the Shop link, and say goodbye to pastels forever...these onesies have been custom dyed in colors that you probably haven't seen on a onesie before.

I hope that Meenie and Moe takes the pain out of shopping for baby clothes and helps you to "rock your baby."