MeetNotes is a SaaS application designed to make meetings fun, engaging and effective. It is built to solve all the pain points associated with meetings, such as lack of agenda, no action items, no structure and no follow-up. It integrates seamlessly with Google and Office 365 calendar and allows busy professionals to manage all their meetings from a user-friendly dashboard.

MeetNotes doesn't just work for productive meetings. Lightweight task management is also another feature that MeetNotes offers. Create tasks or action items during meetings, assign them, add tags and follow-up on these tasks. A dedicated action item panel makes task management hassle-free.

Predesigned Templates can also be inserted according to the meeting type. Our top meeting minutes templates are:

1. Swot Analysis Template
2. Sprint Planning Template
3. Scrum Meeting Template
4. One on One Meeting Minute Template
5. Sprint Retrospective Template

Custom templates can also be created and used for recurring meetings.

MeetNotes also integrates with apps like Slack to enhance the meeting experience. Meeting reminders, sharing important information and updating status of action items can all be accomplished from within Slack’s chat window. As MeetNotes continues to grow, more integrations will be added.

MeetNotes is geared towards transforming average meetings into productive sessions. By focusing on collaboration, teams can achieve their meeting objectives.