Press release
Copenhagen, 19th November 2017

Danish MeeW is the new social media for employment.

With the launch of MeeW, the creators behind are ready to digitalize and reform employment by linking supply and demand of competence directly within the MeeW app.

It’s 7:30 PM, and you realize you need an electrician for tomorrow. You download MeeW and find everyone you've ever needed in one and the same social address book. Through the app, you search for a competence and swipe until you find the right person. The idea is to bring people together across the borders of skills, talents, personalities.

"We do not want to restrict MeeW to just one trade or industry, just as we are not limited by borders in a globalized world. For example, how do you find an international au-pair? A music producer, if you are a singer? Or a Danish engineer with good remarks if you are a German car manufacturer? We provide the ability to identify and match with skills across countries.
You build your network in the app, so you always have you network of competencies at hand. Everyone has a competence or a talent that others can use, and we will create the connection.
Armin Kavousi, CEO & Partner

MeeW revolutionizes employment by disrupting the old 9-5 paradox. Share your skills and talents 24 hours a day in an innovative and simple platform. The vision is to reform how and when we (co-)work.

Even before market launch several capital funds and private investors have shown interested in what is foretold to become the new social media for employment.  MeeW has already received their series a funding. MeeW have built a platform that is ready to integrate the opportunities that a reformation brings. They will now kick-start the reformation and have ensured ease of use, design and functionality for international scaling.

App founder Armin Kavousi explains: "The future is freelance and peer-to-peer, and we will connect the World by skills and talents. Common for all niche platforms is that they primarily focus on permanent and thus prolonged jobs in the traditional form. But in MeeW we focus on peer-to-peer and collect the many various capabilities under the same roof instead of the fragmented market it is today. "

"MeeW is for everyone whether you are employed or not. The most important thing is that you are doing what you love the most and you are best at. Everyone have some skill or talent that they would like to offer and the MeeW platform allows you to take advantage of this – for free. At the same time you can find what you are in search of or find others with similar interests.
Mikkel Christensen, co-founder.

You can download MeeW (app) for free on iOS and Android the 24th of November 2017 on the AppStore Google Play.
MeeW can be followed on www.facebook.com/meewapp and www.instagram.com/meewapp
For further information and questions, please contact Armin Kavousi at +4560117784