Prague tourism has always been very popular with travelers from all over the world. On the other hand very few companies are able to provide their clients with interesting and really exciting programs. Excursions are practically the same which makes them rather boring. Our company has found a perfect solution to this problem. We managed to bring tourism in Prague on a new level. You have never tried this before. You can learn all necessary information on our website as well as check with all available tours and excursions using our easy booking system.
Megatour offers brand new type of entertainment. The main idea is to create authentic atmosphere and bring as much joy to our customers as possible. That is why we invented our own type of tourism which can be called costumed tour. We have a team of creative authors and event managers who are working hard in order to impress you and make your travel as exciting as possible. Czech Republic will be introduced in a new way which differs from all those boring excursions which make people go crazy sometimes.
Enormous Experience and High Class
Our company has already become a trusted expert in the field of tourism Prague. We have been developing this branch for many years taking leading positions on this market. And we actually succeeded. The main goal is to establish individual approach to our every customer without any exceptions. Experience guides are eager to tell you the most interesting information that has been never said out loud before. You have a great chance to become a pioneer of new type of travelling across Prague and Czech Republic. You can touch its history on every step and divide it into several epochs and periods.
You will certainly be surprised to find out that your guide is, for example, Karel IV. Of course, it’s all about costumes. Nevertheless they help to create necessary atmosphere which relates to the main topic of excursion as well as to specific historical period. Tourists will also become a part of that history wearing traditional clothes and costumes. You will feel like you have lived here for a long time already and finally got back home after many years of absence. We provide service of the highest quality. You will never get lost without guides who will also recommend you the best places to eat out or buy souvenirs. Your trip is going to be unforgettable.