The concept of Mélange College and Career Readiness Services (MyCCR) initially evolved from a Thanksgiving conversation between a first/second generation mother-son team, articulating the disconcerting similarities of their college and career experiences while discovering, in the process, the ever growing complexity and challenge of achieving college and career success in the 21st century.

As a result, the MyCCR mission is to provide traditional age college students as well as adult learners with an insider’s look at the potential choices, options, and opportunities available to them as they pursue their college and career goals.

For many new students, entering the world of higher education is like touring a foreign country for the first time.  They know it’s a new environment.  They know it’s made up of people, places, and things.  They think they’re basically equipped to handle its challenges.  

Yet, research continually documents that the majority of new learners are totally unfamiliar with the rules, regulations, mores, and culture that govern that environment.  The rarely consult their advisers on campus and those that they do consult have limited experience engaging the inner workings of a higher education community.

Most often experience some level of trauma transitioning from a “nurturing” K-12 environment to one within a higher education community where being independent and self-sufficient is expected and par for the course. New student orientation is supposed to ease that transition.  In most cases, it does not.
The information overload they experience initially blinds them to the multidimensional advising and counseling benefits available to them throughout the campus.  

Most don’t realize that higher education student service professionals do know the ins and outs of academic and career success. They can be very instrumental in guiding new as well as continuing students along their pathway to achieving their individual goals.

Attaining college and career success does take a village.  However, not knowing the who’s who in that village at the outset and how these individuals can impact their academic and professional development definitively undermines the ability of these new learners to make informed decisions about unanticipated, academic and career challenges they may encounter along the way.  

Our goal is always to always support individual pursuit of their college and career goals as well as encourage increased engagement within the associated advising communities that surround them.

Through their pro-active efforts at relationship building and networking, students can develop the necessary fit mindset needed to reduce their anxiety levels and ultimately achieve their educational and career goals.