In a nutshell, the Melbourne Experiment is a car reviews aggregator.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we fearlessly scoured the web for car reviews from all over the world to proudly provide you the following benefits:

- Save your time
You get to read reviews of your favorite cars all in one place and end up having more time to do the things you want.

- Make you smarter
Learn more about your favorite cars. Check out what others say. The next time you get into a heated discussion with your pals, you will be well-armed with knowledge.

- Bring a smile to your face
Beautiful car pictures, loads of car reviews, wacky banter. Forget about your unreasonable boss and indulge in automotive Shangri-la.

Our noble goal is to build a kick-ass well-loved website. So come check out the cars at www.melbourneexperiment.com. Post your thoughts. Have fun!