Melissa Wadsworth is a new-community visionary, life coach, creative intuitive, and author. Her vision and leadership integrate the lessons of own life path of spirit-driven creativity, authentic communication, and a commitment to bringing healing change energy to the world.

She will launch her book "Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community" in September 2014. The book offers practical organizing exercises for cohesive community creation, as well as intuitive and energy processes designed to empower manifestation through group intention and focus. Taking a broad look at both physical communities and online communities, Melissa believes that active and innovative community engagement holds the potential for healing dysfunctional social structures and for initiating wondrous global breakthroughs yet unimagined.

The founder of Brilliance Unlimited, LLC, Melissa has dedicated her life to exploring consciousness, intuitive creativity, and communications in order to support people worldwide in the manifestation of amazing life journeys. Melissa's digital coaching programs offer a radical shift and uplift for people who feel trapped by the status quo and who long for a more balanced life. For more information, http://www.melissawadsworth.com.