MelMon Exchange was formed when two strong willed, determined and eager friends came together to think of a way to help consumers gain an edge of the ever changing world where each of us have spending power ranging from the $5 billion spent on perfumes and toiletries, $600 billion credited to black spending power, $8 billion spent on automobiles, etc. to help consumers get deals on the items they want.

The function of the website is as follows: A consumer wants to purchase a product and only wants to spend a certain amount that is less than the suggested retail value, they create a listing detailing exactly what they want, how much they want to spend on it, and what payment method they choose to use. In turn, vendors receive these listings and meet or beat the asking price of the consumer. Now that's SPENDING POWER!

We not only thought of the consumer, but we also had the business owner in mind. As a business owner, there are several service types to choose from ranging from $12.50 - $75.00 in which the business signs up to receive listings in the categories they specify. With these listings the business can act on the asking price the consumer has requested or choose to pass on making an offer. Providing these listings to business will help increase revenues for businesses especially a business with limited advertising and marketing budgets.