MeltData Business Solutions is a result oriented, technology-driven full service Market Research and Marketing Solutions provider. Our specialized range of services comprise of extensive end-to-end data collection services, data processing, data analysis and reporting services.

We provide our customers a one-stop solution for all the strategic marketing, business and consumer research needs. Our understanding of the market and expertise of latest industry tools and technologies equips us with a capability to deliver highly effective solutions for you.

Our core team is a blend of highly experienced Market Research professionals and technology geeks who are proud to have a tradition of delivering high performance solutions to clients from across the globe. With our 24/7 presence, our team renders its services to all parts of the world at all time. This ensures time efficiency and faster turn-around for our clients.

At MeltData we understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency. In order to offer the most effective, high quality services in a specific time frame, we continuously update ourselves with the ever changing competitive landscape and adopt the usage of cutting edge technologies, best industry tools and practices.

Few of the services are:

Data collection
Data processing
Survey Programming
High end Analytics using advanced statistical tools
Data Tabulation
Project management