memorEbook is the “the smart scrapbook” and makes it easy for parents to capture, share and preserve life's greatest moments in digital, interactive memory books and baby books.

Why memorEbook?

As I was organizing my closet one afternoon and stumbled upon my 2nd child’s box of memories. I opened her baby book and guiltily realized it was nearly empty! Then as I was flipping through the dusty photos, I felt it was a shame that these precious memories were just stuffed in a box.

When I chatted with other mom friends, they were doing the same thing and we all felt guilty we couldn't find the time to organize these precious moments in beautiful scrapbooks!

So a fellow mom and I decided to do something about it!  My business partner Elizabeth and I created memorEbook to make the process of capturing and chronicling our favorite family memories - from pregnancy, to the baby years, to adolescence, the high school years and beyond -  quick and easy.

So many parents capture family memories using their smart phones – the memorEbook iPhone app makes it easy to add those memories to your family’s scrapbook! Each memory is assigned to a specific family member and is uploaded in chronological order. So what you end up with is an interactive, dynamic memory book - with photos, videos, voice recordings, notes and online newspaper clippings - that didn't take hours to put together!

High-resolution screenshots