Archimannian - online memorial is a modern form of visual obituary, where the main component is graphics. The main difference from the projects of virtual cemeteries is a visual image far from grave, after-death, sad topics. These are filled with light and life pages that are created in honor of someone who has great opportunities to change design, select items on the page, post portraits, photos, videos and text. The basic concept of the portal is that with the help of pages of memory, as if the life of the individual continues, but already in the virtual space. Also, the concept of the portal echoes with the Eastern and Christian ideas about the soul's transition to a better world. And it is this world that you can create and customize to your liking, fill with your favorite objects, wishes, verses.
The second and, perhaps, the main unique feature of this portal is the presence of the Hall of Fame. On a separate page, but tied to the main page of memory, you can express your emotions with the help of vases and medals. Medals have signatures, so that every person who enters the Hall of Fame and creates a page on his behalf, can reward at his discretion for any dignity, deeds, deeds. A large selection of medals gives everyone to express their feelings and show special respect and honor. There is also a place for textual expression of kind warm words. One person can create an unlimited number of pages in the Hall of Fame from different people.
Another convenient difference is the ability to immediately, without registration, work on the created page, and after that already save the result and proceed to registration.