Memory of a Miner is a true account – the recording of an oral history – of one man’s journey as an old-school miner in the southern Appalachian coal mining region of Harlan County, Kentucky, between 1931 and 1959.

This was the same period that “bloody Harlan” gained its reputation as the battleground for some of the most insidious conflicts over worker’s rights this country has ever known.

But despite coal wars at home and the World War abroad, the fun times shared and the friendships made make this the most treasured time of life for most of those who lived it.  That was certainly true for this miner and his family!

Memory of a Miner chronicles the joy and sadness, success and failure, hardship and bounty of this miner on an intimate scale.  It is a visitation into the life of a man full or courage, strength and wit who only knew one way to live - ALL IN.

Anyone who enjoys a good story will be delighted to find this book chocked full of hilarious, one-of-a-kind real-life adventures recreated by this world-class storyteller.

Those with mining in their roots will certainly identify with the day-to-day challenges, risks and victories revisited in Memory of a Miner. Even though it is the recording of one miner’s experience, in essence it documents the life and times of all miners of that day.  In doing so, this book will be appreciated by all who share a connection to this world.

In addition, Memory of a Miner retains the historical integrity of the period by weaving facts of record with first-hand accounts of a miner right in the thick of it.  Students of southern Appalachian history will appreciate not only the accuracy of the chronicle but also the personal perspective Memory of a Miner affords.

Finally, readers who fancy stories about salt-of-the-earth folk who fight for what they believe in…and win…will love Memory of a Miner. This narrative fleshes out the robust day-to-day life of real people who knew how to work hard and play hard.

As such, Memory of a Miner is an inspiring commentary on life which we are all drawn to – a real-life story of one who faced daunting challenges and not only persevered, but was truly determined to enjoy life.