When it comes to finding new cars, used cars, new trucks and used trucks for your commercial vehicles, explore to Menlove Toyota’s business solutions for the best in fleet vehicles and fleet sales as well as great commercial vehicle financing and commercial vehicle leasing options. As part of the Menlove company of new and used car dealerships, our commercial vehicles for sale or commercial vehicles for lease offer you the best in Toyota cars and trucks for your small business. In the Bountiful, Utah area there are few better choices in commercial vehicle dealers than Menlove.

Menlove Business Solutions offers several options for commercial vehicle sales and commercial vehicle financing, including lines of credit, business credit, acceptance of small business credit cards and other options from Toyota Financial.

One such option for our commercial vehicles for sale is the Retail Finance plan for commercial vehicle sales on new and used cars and new and used trucks. This plan features no mileage or use restrictions as well as up to 84 months of financing terms available. This plan is perfect for those that expect to use their fleet vehicles extensively for the long term and allows you to enjoy the benefits of commercial vehicle ownership from day one with Toyota Financial.

Another great option from your Menlove used car and new car dealer and Toyota Financial is the Closed End Lease Plan, which limits your mileage and usage. This is the right plan for those companies whose fleet vehicles are generally driving less than 15,000 miles in a year.

The Open End Lease Plan allows you to customize your vehicles and does not come with mileage or usage fees. This is great for your company if you expect high mileage and usage as well as wanting the option to purchase at the end of your commercial vehicle lease on your new car, used car, used truck or used car.

With such great options for your fleet sales why not choose a used car dealer like Menlove Toyota for your sales and financing. With lines of credit and business credit Menlove makes it easy to outfit your business with commercial vehicle financing or using a small business credit card. Call us today at (877) 942-7474 or visit http://www.menlovetoyotabusinesssolutions.com