Welcome to the Menopause Education Center

We’re here for the millions of women who are going through this biological process at any given time on Earth with education, empowerment, and real solutions for thriving during the change.

Navigating Menopause
Our mission is to empower women to become their own health advocates, inspire the men that love them to be the best partners possible, and guide the companies where they work to best support them during the change.

Step by Step Guidance
Our expertly curated masterclasses will help you learn what menopause is all about and teach you to become your own best health advocate. When you know what to talk about to your doctor, you take full control of your well-being.

Be Empowered
We provide cutting-edge curriculum, tools, and resources. Join us online, join us in person, or come to a live event. We’ve got something for every comfort level.

“With roughly 50 million American women currently in menopause and another 2.2 million women entering every year, this is a topic we can no longer ignore. Whether you’re male, young, old, or cyborg, menopause is literally costing you – and the women in your life – billions of dollars.”

The Real Cost of Menopause to Employers

Employee Health & Well-Being

A healthy workplace culture leads to a healthy bottom line. To accomplish this, companies need to invest in three areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Our training programs support growth in all these initiatives.

Establishing a menopause-friendly workplace can improve your financial bottom line and your organization’s overall performance.

When business leaders and managers are educated about menopause and how to effectively support it in the workplace, a culture of inclusivity will surely follow. When inclusivity is embraced, when menopause is normalized and nobody is afraid or ashamed to talk about it, it make an organization a desirable place to work.