We are apart of the Elermore Vale Community activities, and are supportive of all their activities, sharing utilities and help to maintain the grounds of the Elermore community Centre, Warrabrook Community Centre and the Elermore Vale Community Hall. Having said that we also have a big responsibility to our local community.

Charity support group that gives to the needy. Seniors and disabled who need home support with mowing lawns, fixing things around the home. Helping them to stay home longer and not end up in a nursing home prematurely.

Helping all kinds of community groups, from hospitals to schools, and community functions to help them by way of repairing furniture and old wooden toys. We refurbish things and make things like new again.

In the Men's Shed we have all kinds of projects on the go, from making bird boxes, to creating wind chimes. Mentoring of others and showing the less skilled how to do things.

We have men from all kinds of backgrounds, retired tradesmen of all kinds, and the everyday man who has retired from work. We tell people to come and have a cuppa and a chat, there is no pressure on men to do chores around the Men's Shed, a simple chat can mean all the difference to men. Men talk shoulder to shoulder, not like women who talk face to face.

We encourage men to join our activities, they say Men's Sheds have secret business, but the truth be known, men are more use to socialising at work, and when they retire they can feel at loose ends on what to do with themselves.