The MentalBright™ nootropic aids in cognitive enhancement and increased mental acuity. Launched in 2013, MentalBright's co-founder, Lawson Gow, created the product as part of his final project for his business degree at Rice University in Houston, TX. Incorporating his interest in nootropics and optimum cognitive functioning, he conducted extensive research on the science behind the supplement industry. Mr. Gow identified an opportunity to educate the general public on the benefits of natural supplements and brain cognition. Reading about the inquiries conducted on Alzheimer’s patients and other neuroscience topics inspired Mr. Gow to develop a proprietary supplement for greater mental acuity. Its high-performance formula includes the exact dosage of each ingredient needed to promote maximum focus, memory, cognition, brain metabolism and more. The MentalBright team is dedicated to bridging the gap between you and science to deliver a product that keeps your brain feeling alert and attentive for maximum productivity and performance.