Mental Desk is the developer of Prophet Forecasting - a self service demand planning platform for retailers and wholesalers.

The service allows users to upload their sales data and use this to create hierarchical forecasts of demand for their products, up to 12 months ahead using industry strength forecasting algorithms such as Holt Winters (Exponential Smoothing with Trend and Seasonality), Croston's Intermittent Demand, Weighted Moving Average etc.

Once baseline statistical forecasts have been created, these can be adjusted manually to incorporate any specific business knowledge (for example knowledge of planned promotions or products that will be discontinued) and then combined with information about stock-on-hand, supplier lead times and target service levels to make stock purchasing decisions and plan promotions.

Prophet Forecasting allows you to invite unlimited users to collaborate on forecasting projects that you create with the software. It's a web based application, so there's nothing to install and forecast calculations are performed using Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform, so the solution is highly scalable.