We decided to officially join forces in 2014. Made up of a versatile group of tech geeks from different cultural and technological backgrounds, we all have one important fact in common; we want to revolutionize the way we communicate.

Our advanced technological and engineering backgrounds have allowed us to see beyond the future. We are visionaries and it is exactly why we created Mera.

Our dream is not to make the world more flat. What we believe in is that Mera can actually make the world linear. Mera makes it easy to connect one another anytime, anywhere in any way in the simplest form possible.

We want Mera to connect people in such a way that it will seem as family, friends and co-workers are seating next to you. It is now more than ever that communication is crucial to enrich relationships and cultivate connections.

This is exactly what makes Mera one of its kind.

Curious how it works? Download on your mobile now!