Meracle.com.my, a producer and distributor of advanced, cutting edge and all-natural health supplements and beauty products announced that their online store is now open. The company that prides itself with high quality standards and premium ingredients starts off its online presence with 5 exceptional products:

MeMen Stamina Drink– A Stamina drink made from natural plant extract that stabilises male hormones and increases energy levels.

MeFeminine Collagen – An all-natural collagen drink formulated to boost femininity, tone the body and reduce menopausal symptoms.

MeTox Colon Cleanse – A chemical-free detox programme with added Vitamin C that cleanses and improves the digestive system.

MeSLM Fat Blocker – A healthy and delicious slimming drink based on natural berries for increased metabolism and fat burning.

MeSpray Stem Cell Essence – An innovative, cutting edge triple stem cell skin moisturizer with amazing skin firming and rejuvenating effects.

Combining founder Mikki Chew’s lifelong passion and thorough expertise in the health & beauty industry, MERACLE convinces through effective, safe and healthy formulas.

With its own state-of-the-art laboratory and factory facilities, MERACLE innovates and is always up to date with the latest scientific advances.
MERACLE was founded on the belief that everyone can achieve wonders when they love and take care of themselves.

Instead of expecting people to change their lifestyle, we want to help them aim for their best in a way that suits them.

Visit the website & online store at www.meracle.com.my for more information.