Merakyahoga.com mainly revolves around two entities. One is the ‘User’ and other is the ‘Expert’. If one is the lock… other is the key. Who is the User? In order to explain this, let me ask you ‘who do you think is NOT the User?’ Actually the User can be anyone of us who might have felt ‘mera kya hoga?’ at some point of time in life. What he is seeking is the Sincere Advice. On the other hand, the Expert is someone who is blessed with the specialized knowledge to provide the Right Advice to the User. But the interesting thing here is that the ‘Expert’ is an ‘Expert’ only in a particular field and he becomes a ‘User’ the moment he is seeking advice outside his area of expertise. What we are trying to bring home is that this is a ‘give and take’ situation. I need you… you need him… and then again he needs me.
Our mission at merakyahoga.com is to help everyone get the Right Advice from the Experts.