Meridian Technologies, a US manufacturer of fiberoptic products for over 20 years, has a comprehensive line of transmission products for all facets of the Security, Surveillance, and Pro A/V markets.  These products include RGB, DVI, SDI/HDSDI/3G, HDMI, KVM, Ethernet Media Converters, Ethernet Unmanaged Switches, Ethernet Managed Switches and a diverse line of other video, audio & data fiber transport products.  In addition, Meridian also offers optical routing products for diverse distribution of optical signals for such applications as multi-port video/audio distribution, video conferencing, digital signage, and signal protection/redundancy for mission-critical applications.  Our engineering staff also offers application engineering and system design support to help ensure that your system is as efficient and economical as possible.  Visit us at www.meridian-tech.com to obtain more information about our company, products and services.
All Meridian products are designed, manufactored, and tested to the most demanding specifications/applications. The products are all hardened and can operate from -40 dergree C to + 75 degree C.