Founded in 2007, MeriEducation is a full-service tutoring, test prep, and consulting company specializing in hyper-customized 1-on-1 and small group programs. With a student-centric
philosophy based on superior customer service and innovation, we offer an approach
unlike any other tutoring center out there. Whether you're looking for help with your subject classes or getting into college, we've got you covered - anytime, anywhere.

Our Philosophy.
We believe that a student's success can be highly affected by his or her learning environment - happy people, fresh smells, modern spaces, and positive energy are all conducive to how a student studies. From each center's themed interior design to our snazzy MeriPlanners, we instill the beauty of learning in everything that we do.

Our Instructors.
MeriEducation's tutoring ninjas are selectively hired based on smarts AND personality. Instructors must score in the 98th percentile in their subject of instruction, and have an engaging personality that resonates with our students. Basically, students actually like us, and parents love us!!

Our Centers.
We are readily accessible with 4 centers across Southern California and an online tutoring platform for those who desire the same Meri-quality from the comfort of their home.