Meritas Advisors is a registered investment advisor with offices in San Rafael and San Diego, California.  Our practice focuses on managing risk by using a wider blend of asset classes to construct personalized portfolios.   We strive to achieve our clients’ goals with increased stability, within their tolerance for risk.

Our service offering is also customized for each client in accordance with their needs.   We build long term partnerships with our clients through regular communication, adaptive planning, and tailored problem-solving.

We utilize a blend of active and passive investments across a wide range of sectors and strategies that together, aim to optimize opportunity while also seeking to moderate volatility.  Investments are regularly assessed for performance, style drift, changing market conditions, and leadership changes, and are replaced as necessary.

Our name, Meritas is the combination of two principles that guide our practice, Merit and Veritas.   Merit is character or conduct worthy of reward, honor or esteem.  We seek only those investments deserving of our clients’ attention, while aiming to consistently provide praiseworthy service, guided by an honorable code of conduct.  Veritas is Latin for truth.  We believe enduring success requires a deep abidance in truth.  We endeavor to distill the truth of investments, markets and the economy.  We are dedicated to lifelong learning and continuous improvement of ourselves and our firm for the benefit of our clients.