The most important objective of AMITY is to spread the correct knowledge of the Religion—teaching Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam—by spreading the Islamic Obligatory Knowledge and supporting it with clear evidence.

AMITY set its objectives with the realization that victory over evil, triumph over heinous terrorism and prevalence of true and realistic moderation can only be achieved by spreading religious education and propagating goodness among people—knowing that society can only be reformed through piety and fear of Allah.

AMITY is an effort emanating from burdened hearts calling for moderation and justice much lost to the absence of wisdom and understanding among the key players orchestrating the "War on Terror."

AMITY echoes a genuine cry to shun extremism through shedding light on proper Islam while putting in perspective that agreement and disagreement about the principles of Islam, like any other set of principles, shall be argued according to sound intellect.

Muslims throughout history have battled within their own communities against extremism and have succeeded. The success is due to an essential element among the elements of their war against extremism and heinous terror, namely spreading and instilling the correct and authentic knowledge about Islam in the hearts of people.