I'm Mary Ellen Merrigan of Merrigan Group LLC,  a creative marketer and PR specialist for women who want to thrive in business and enjoy life.

My uncommon common sense approach sets me apart. I listen carefully, distill your brilliant ideas and offer a three-stage customized plan of easy-to-implement strategies. I’m direct. I’m realistic. And I follow up every step of the way. (And by the way, we’ll have fun with it, too!)

A marketing consultant and publicity strategist, I focus on your business visibility. My specialty blends traditional and social media.

In a project-based approach, directed, customized, and action-oriented, we refine what works for you and your situation. The result is specific tactics, benchmarks and review/evaluation dates.

My creative inspiration comes from the magic of playing with beads, beading and beadweaving.

If you need help moving a project forward or taking creative action, call or email me for a no-obligation discussion.


Social media, public relations, strategic marketing plans, project-based marketing