When passion, years of experience and beautiful friendship comes together, astonishing things are born!

That is precisely how our story began a few years ago. We were well aware that something was missing from the beauty market, that je ne sais quoi element, something meant to bring out your playful personalities and enhance natural beauty!

Thus, Mesmereyes Beauty was born, in our never-ending quest for that sexy, mesmerizing gaze one can never forget!

We decided to celebrate and spread color, to bring sparkle and fire up that special element of uniqueness we all have inside.

Our contact lenses were specially created to offer that missing piece of sass, even when your entire outfit and make-up are on point!

You obviously know you are nothing short of stellar, and you want to show that to the world!

From seductive, elegant evening looks to subtle, natural allure – we’ve got them all! High quality materials, style variety, and simply bringing the best products for our customers to enjoy are our top priorities!

Our company was born out of passion for beauty and for celebrating the best in each and every one of us!

Besides the love for beauty and getting the perfect look, Mesmereyes Beauty is also focused on the safety of your eyes. Therefore, after exploring different suppliers we found the best one with over 15 years’ experience in the lens industry that is committed to high quality contact lenses that are safe for your eyes, being CE certified and compliant to European safety standards.

We want you to have fun with different eye colors and looks, while taking care of your eyes and sight!