We are a collection of Urban Diversity publications that showcase the blending of cultures throughout U.S. Metropolitan regions. The Life Diverse Network consists of: atlantaLifemagazine.com, baltimorelifemagazine.com, bostonlifemagazine.com, chicagolifemagazine.com, charlottelifemagazine.com, dclifemagazine.com, lalifemagazine.com, minneapolislifemagazine.com, miamilifemagazine.com, newyorklifemagazine.com, seattlelifemagazine.com, tampalifemagazine.com, universitylifemagazine.com
In 2023 the Life Diverse Network (LDN) is launching a series of shows for OTT and other networks that blend traditional television programming with local podcasts though a joint-venture with wecasters.com. This transition from 100% editorial content to a blend of video content is expected to continue until a 70% video content network is reached.