Metal stamping parts manufacturing in China is a lot of overseas customers' choices. Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited is focusing on tool and die making, OEM metal stamping, sheet metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, deep drawn stamping, ODM metal stamping, progressive die stamping, all of them are metal parts custom stamping, meanwhile, we offer secondary operations, finishing and assemblies. We can always work out the best tooling fabrication solutions and the most cost efficient manufacturing process to all customers, but without compromise on quality. As value added services, we also offer outsourcing service with resonable pricing and strict quality control to our customers who have the needs in precision machining, aluminum extrusion and die casting.
Our main products include, but are not limited to Power Supply Cabinets,Server Cabinets,Security Matrix Chassis,Decoder Housings,Metal Stamping Dies,Alarm Housings,Filter Housings,Electrical Boxes,Electronic Chassis,Ultrasonic Machine Housings,Audio Amplifier Box,LCD Shell,Light Boxes,Light Kits,Music Sheet Stand,Audio DJ Stand,Metal Shield,Channel Bracket,Computer Parts,DVD Player Metal Case,Medical Containers,Sterilization Containers,A/C Housing,Sound Box Components,Thermostat Parts,Aluminum Easels,Studio Easels,Portable Easels,Stage Easels,Aluminun Extrusion Heatsink,Battery Contacts,Precision Terminal,Wiring Terminal,Plug Terminal,Journey Switch Parts, Jiggle Switch Parts,Tapping,Nozzle,Pump Head,Fiber-optic Communication Parts,Electronic Components,Valve Housing,Wireless Magnet Components,Pacific Continental,Instrument Components,Pump Components,Motor Parts,Speed Regulator Parts,and much more.