Métier HR is an innovative state-of-the-art user friendly ERP which is open ended, customizable and capable to handle the complete automation requirements of the Human Resource Department.

Métier HR software has the following powerful modules, which are integrated so that common and / or shared information is automatically updated, and it can accommodate all other systems related to HR issues, at one place. The modules work as stand alone or as an integrated solution, facilitating the user to deploy individual modules.

Ø HR Portal – Blog, Wiki, News, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, Generic Documents …
Ø HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
Ø Job Detail & Position Management
Ø Competency Requirements & Assessments
Ø HR Processes – Leave, Reimbursements, Transfers, Separation etc
Ø Man Power Requirement Planning
Ø Recruitment & Selection
Ø Appraisals, Performance Evaluation and Increments
Ø Career & Succession Planning
Ø Training Administration, Scheduling & Tracking
Ø Training Feedback & Assessment
Ø Reports
Ø HR Metrics
Ø Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Suggestions and Feedback
Ø Reminders & Escalation

Métier HR Software provides the end user ease of use with its simple navigation screens and easily defined rule driven work flow concept.

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hr portal

hr process automation
competency framework