Metisa uses artificial intelligence to convert e-commerce data to sales. We analyze customer purchases and behavior and maximizes sales with smarter recommendations and lifecycle emails.

On average, Metisa can boost sales by 10% for a brand. We have analyzed over US$100 million in sales for brands including Yuehwa, Li & Fung and Zalora.

We have extensions for Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and can also integrate with custom e-commerce stores.

Metisa takes the guesswork out of growing your business by telling you what you should do next to maximize sales. Our algorithms, used by leading retailers with over 1 million customers and US$100 million sales, are now available on Shopify!

Send all kinds of emails (first purchase, winback campaigns, holiday promotions, recommendations), install on-site recommendation widgets and get predictive insights about your customers in a single platform.

Here is an overview of all our features:

★ Opportunities

A daily list of the highest expected value actions to take to maximize sales. You can act on all of them within Metisa.

★ Predictive Insights

- Recommendations: Cross-sell with state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms used by large retailers like Amazon. Increase clickthrough rates by over 2-5x. Recommendations can be included in emails, exported as a list or installed as a widget on your website.
- Predictive Customer Lifetime Value: Predict how much every customers will spend in the future. Identify your highest value customers. Identify the best channels for customer acquisition.
- At-Risk Probability (Churn): Predict which customers are likely to buy again. Send winback campaigns at the magic moment to increase likelihood of conversion.
- Customer Personas: Figure out which customer personas are most valuable to you. Target new products at the right audience.

★ On-Site Widgets

Cross-sell and up-sell by installing the following on-site widgets:

- Magic widget: Metisa magically recommends products as a subtle popup at the bottom of your site based on what your customer has bought and what he/she is currently looking at
- Peoples who bought this also bought: Cross-sell on your Product page by showing similar products to the ones customers are viewing
- Things you may like: Cross-sell on your Home page by showing personalized recommendation based on what you know about your customer
- Top sellers
- New products

★ Email autoresponders

- Use transactional emails to drive repeat sales with the right content at the right time. You can send the following types of emails:
 - When a new customer registers
 - When a customer makes his/her first purchase
 - When a customer makes his/her second purchase
 - Winback customers who are identified as disengaged from your brand

★ Email campaigns

- Create predictive customer segments based on how valuable they are, their interests and lifecycle status and send emails to them
- Be reminded to send emails when holiday seasons come up