Metricata is a software-as-a-service website that makes the software engineering process measurable and repeatable.

Software engineers and web developers can register and use the web database to manage the important aspects of software engineering. Some of the main features include: the ability to create a project, add stakeholders to a project, manage client requirements as they develop, upload project artifacts, post jobs for developers and manage deliverables.

Metricata was developed to help improve the software engineering process. Metricata forces software practitioners to track important items, making their process measurable over time, and ultimately improvable. It has very wide implications in business as software development spans all industries and geographical areas.

The idea for Metricata was birthed by Michael Sadler while studying software engineering at the University of Alberta. The features of Metricata are based off of software engineering best practices, and will be improved as it receives feedback from it's users.

Metricata is built using open-source technology and uses a 3-tier architecture style, making it scaleable and easily maintainable.