Metric Direct is essentially a network of hardworking individuals, manufacturers and retailers who work tirelessly to get you products to sell which are good and value for money. The entire Metric Direct Organization is commission based and only when you sell a product does everybody from you to the manufacturer make money.

Metric Direct has been designed to change the face of retail in India. We adhere to the following principles

•     Sell products that add value to end customer.
•     Retailer will not have to buy stocks from us. We will manage stocks.
•     No Investment in the product.
•     Commission to each retailer for each product off the top- No complicated commission structures. Simple and Effective.
•     All transaction will be done through bank. Your money is safe with you.
•     Treat you with honesty, integrity and equity.

We know you have heard of many marketing firms who come up with impossible schemes, MLM (multi-level- marketing) companies and fraudulent companies, we are none of that. You are welcome to visit our office or check our credentials. Also the model we work with and the brands we will work for will always be one of the leading in the industry. Our commission and organization structures are simple and can be understood by everybody! We are transparent and guarantee to remain so forever!
We are focused on selling products that are tested, good and offer value to the end customer. As our network grows stronger, Metric Direct will launch more and more products ensuring that each of our Retailers gets a wide variety of products to sell from Entertainment, Agri Input, Consumer Durable, Insurance, Media, Clothing and much more. We will never ask you to sell a product that is below standard, faulty, magical or distrusted amongst prospective customers.

For Details
91, Florida Estate, Keshavnagar Mundhawa Pune 411036 MH IND
Telephone: +91 20 66846700
Email: direct@metricglobal.com
METRIC DIRECT Helpdesk : +91 9823009823