Engage your brain and get some exercise with a team of friends as you explore the city in a quirky online scavenger hunt.

Your team of 2-4 people has 90 minutes to save as many people as possible from a deadly epidemic armed only with your wits and your cell phones.

You can launch a game of MetroDemic at any time with your friends. Just buy the game on our site and head to the starting line in your designated city.

To save lives (which is how we keep score), you’ll travel to different “outbreak” locations within a 3-4 block radius using a map delivered to your phone. Based on the proximity and the point values of the outbreaks, your team will need choose a strategic path to save as many souls as possible.

At each outbreak location, you’ll be presented with scavenger hunt questions, pub-style trivia, and brain puzzles to earn points. The entire team is allowed to use their cell phones to help answer questions.

Your team can pause the game up to two times for sightseeing, bio breaks, eating, or our personal favorite…. loud public arguments!

At the end of the game, you’ll be able to compare the number of lives you rescued with other brave teams who played in your town.