Withintensity Touch sees the power of Art to paint the dullness of this world. There are many people who lack self-esteem and sees the world in blur. Artistic meaningful designs for the clarity of the mind to bring out the quality of anyone who applies the LOGOS (reason). Inspiration is the key to get everyone moving and this is the focus of  the graphic designs that Withintensity Touch created. Give oneself a brand new art to wear and draw it within with intense aspiration.

Creative Arts with applied Reason for the enjoyment and development of everyone who wears. This recreation will truly bring a brighter world. To see, feel, and taste the words is to hear it with actions and touch it with sense; which seems uncommon. Let us wake up and get into our dreams, we can't get into it by sleeping. Wear the golden words and apply the logos, is the motto.

With passion and willingness we will be able to create these arts, with will we will be able to write these golden words. Let us be a great example to make this world brighter with these designs. The only message that the designs wants to bring is that we are the director, the actor, and the producer of a high quality presentation that everyone will see and copy. Let us put the words into action and move towards success wearing these meaningful graphic designs.